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To access to the database of Safety Documents, Templates & e-Learning, click the icon above & log-in with the assigned log-in ID & Password.


1.  The log-in ID for "Documents & Templates" is the WSO Membership Number (e.g. 123456) .

2. The log-in ID for "Safety-Begins Here" is the WSO Membership Number (e.g. 123456).

3. The log-in ID for "Disaster Ready" is the WSO Membership assigned email address (e.g.

4. All Password for all access are, 12345 + First Name of the member (e.g. 12345ruben, 12345marlon)

5. The Online Courses for Oil & Gas is free & paid training. Members shall register

6. The Online Courses for ALISON is free & paid training. Members shall register


Training Documentation:


1. The WSO Formal documentation of the member's completed e-Learning course(s) is optional.

2. If a member wanted to document their completed e-Learning, contact WSO National Office for GCC (


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Oil and Gas Online Course (Paid / Free): 

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