Strollers: Ideal for transportation and travel in public transport

Strollers are a lightweight option designed for children from 6 months to the age when the baby is already able to walk for long distances (usually up to 3 years). Of course, everything depends on the particular model, but in general, stroller has three main advantages. Strollers in Calgary are much lighter in weight, not so cumbersome in size, and are much easier and more compact than the other strollers.

Idea about Seasonal Strollers

According to the seasonal factor, strollers are divided into winter and summer strollers. Winter models are more massive, with large wheels, a three-dimensional hood for weather protection and a special cover for warming the baby’s legs. The decoration of their body is made of warm material. Summer, in turn, has a smaller size, small wheels, light body fabric and a small protective visor. Most of all they are attracted by weight (an average of 6-11 kg) and mobility.

Type of Folding Strollers

By type of folding strollers are divided into strollers-canes and strollers-books. Carriages-walking sticks are lightest in weight and easily fold along their axis, resembling a folded cane. It is very convenient for them to travel in public transport or to travel. However, it is better to buy them for older children (at least after a year), since the sleeper in such carriages does not have the rigidity that is necessary for the correct formation of the baby’s spine.

Stroller-books are slightly larger in size and weight. They fold in half, the backboard abuts the seat. In general, the model is more reliable, durable and at the same time still quite convenient for transportation.

How to choose a wheelbase stroller

Depending on the configuration of the wheelbase, strollers are four-wheeled and three-wheeled. Four-wheel models are more stable and have good cross-country ability. They are more convenient when driving on rough terrain and stairs.

In turn, three-wheeled carriages provide more maneuverable and quick driving. They are designed for parents who are accustomed to lead an active lifestyle (for example, fast and walk a lot with a stroller). Such strollers feel confident on roads with good coverage. But the areas with irregularities and obstacles many parents have to overcome on one wheel. There is a problem when driving on stairs and gangways for strollers.

Regardless of its kind, strollers are used only when the child has learned to sit unaided, since most of the time the baby spends in them in a sitting or semi-sitting position. At the same time, strollers are very popular today, with their back fully lowered so that the child can not only sit, but also sleep.

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