Choose your electric cable

Electricity is like water, it needs a pipe to circulate. More fluid is important more you need big pipes to pass the liquid. For electricity it’s a bit like this, the more the power demand is important plus the pipes (here the cable) will have to be big.

The right section according to the good power

At home your installation is 220 or 230 V. it is already a beautiful power with which you should not be mistaken if you realized the electricity yourself. The wire section is measured in mm and can support a given maximum power. If you place a section too small, you risk melting your threads and even the fire. Here are the recommended powers according to the Ceramic wire connectors sections.

  • 5 mm² up to 2300 W (for 10A);
  • 5 mm² up to 3680 W (for 16A);
  • 4 mm² up to 5 750 W (for 25A);
  • 6 mm² up to 7,360 W (for 32A);
  • 10 mm² up to 9 200 W (for 40A);

What section use at home?

The 1.5 mm² should be used to install your led lighting for example:

  • The 2.5 mm² are recommended for the outlets to which you will connect the refrigerator.
  • Beyond 4 mm, you are on powerful loads, like connecting a heater or an electric stove.
  • You can find 1.5 mm² easily on online shopping sites

Current fashion twisted color cable

Because even the son becomes a fashion accessory, it is possible to find the son of section 1.5mm typed old. The design with led luminaries is the most beautiful effect. Here is a selection of “old generation” cable.

The final accessories socket on your cable

The socket comes to finish your cable is allows you to connect the bulb on it. Be careful as the wire sections, the socket has a consumption limit. Generally indicated on it, it is advisable not to exceed the setting under penalty of seeing melt your sleeve. A board place on a led bulb to avoid any problem of overheating. Note that there are also vintage sockets for an even more glamorous finish of your interior.

The domino to connect your son

During the installation you will have to connect 2 or 3 wires together. So you need dominoes. The domino is used to join the wires and to allow the continuity of the passage of the current. It is also important here not to overload the dominoes in order to avoid any electrical problem. Especially since the domino is often hidden in a box and it is not easy later to identify if there is a problem. You have two possibilities for dominoes to screw or automatic.

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